Nortilidine is an opioid drug, in the form of a solution, the main metabolite of tilidine, or rather it is formed from tilidine, by demethylation in the liver. The (1S,2R) isomer is an NMDA antagonist and acts as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor. It has excellent analgesic properties, equivalent in potency to morphine, opioid effects are similar to morphine. This drug is actively used in the treatment of pain in the EU countries.

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(1R,2S)-nortilidine is an ethyl 2-(methylamino)-1-phenylcyclohex-3-ene-1-carboxylate that is ent-dextilidine in which one of the methyl groups attached to the nitrogen is replaced by hydrogen. ent-Dextilidine is metabolised to (1R,2S)-nortilidine by the liver. It has a role as a drug metabolite and a NMDA receptor antagonist. It is an enantiomer of a (1S,2R)-nortilidine.