The latest development, the preparation of 3-F-PCP dissociatives. 3-F-PCP is synthesized as an alternative to the PCP series, which has legal legal status.
UPAC 3-F-PCP: 1- (1- (3-fluorophenyl) cyclohexyl) piperidine.
3-F-PCP is not fully understood, but may cause dissociative effects.
3-F-PCP is produced in a modern laboratory by professional chemists, it makes this product the highest quality.

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2′-Oxo-PCE (also known as O-PCE and eticyclidone) is a new dissociative NMDA receptor antagonist and anesthetic drug of the arylcyclohexylamine chemical class. It is structurally related to deschloroketamine. There has been some confusion over the identity of this compound due to strange naming by vendors; it has been sold as O-PCE, 3F-MeO-PCP, 22′-Oxo-PCE, 2′-Oxo-PCE, 22′-Oxo-PCE, deschloro-N-ethyl-Ketamine and eticyclidone.


It’s analog of 3-MeO-PCP

IUPAC name: 2-(ethylamino)-2-phenyl-cyclohexanone

CAS number: 85232-21-2

Formula: C14H19NO

Purity: 98% min

Appearance: white powder


This compound induces a state referred to as “dissociative anesthesia” when ingested and is therefore used as a recreational drug.

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