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a-PCYP is a new chemical of the cathinone class, designed for chemical research, synthesized as an analog of a-PVP and has a similar effect. In a number of analog derivatives of alpha-substituted pyrrolidinyl cathinones developed in 2019, it was found that the alpha-cyclopentyl derivative has about the same in vitro efficacy as the dopamine transporter inhibitor as the famous α-PVP. a-PCYP is a substituted homo-alpha-PVP homo-ring having cyclohexane substituted with an alkyl chain



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APCYP Crystal Product Description

APCYP Crystal research chemical has been specifically designed for research purposes. It is a powerful research chemical that has a wide range of potential uses. It has a very high purity level and is very stable. APCYP Crystal research chemical is soluble in water and has a high melting point. It is a white powder that has a strong smell. APCYP Crystal research chemical is not known to be toxic. However, it should be used with caution and only by experienced researchers.


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