Isotonitazene is an opioid analgesic derived from benzimidazole that has a stronger effect than fentanyl. Tests to determine activity at the µ-opioid receptor using in vitro biological functional analysis in animals have shown that a high dosage of this substance will cause many side effects, such as vomiting, respiratory depression, and even death.

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Isotonitazene (Item No. 27255) is an analytical reference material categorized as an opioid. Isotonitazene is regulated as a Schedule I compound in the United States. This product is intended for research and forensic applications.

Isotonitazene Powder Description
Isotonitazene is marketed as a safe alternative to regulated opioids online, however, the market’s extent is unknown.
In a few countries, it also appears to have been available on the black market for opioids. The most serious acute health danger from using isotonitazene is likely to be respiratory depression, which in overdose could result in apnoea, respiratory arrest, and death. This is similar to other opioid analgesics.
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“We will always be reacting when it comes to changes in the drug supply. It’s why we have to make sure we have the resources needed to keep people alive and connect them to services – so that we can reduce deaths and reduce harm,” he added.