Diphenidine, 1- (1, 2- diphenylethyl) piperidine is a designer drug that acts as a NMDA receptor channel blocker. It can have dissociative effects like PCP and methoxetamine, although its pharmacology in humans has not been studied.

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Chemicals from the family of dissociative anesthetics haven’t been the subject of intense quantitative study partly because of their limited availability. To counter that problem, we included diphenidine as a part of our standard offering, giving researchers a legal and highly convenient option to work with. In terms of chemistry, this compound belongs to the class of diarylethylamines and is very similar to methoxphenidine, but is synthesized through a process similar to one the used to derive better known arylcyclohexylamines such as phencyclidine, methoxetamine or ketamine. The substance has been known to science for a long time, but has only recently been introduced to the research chemical circuit and is currently in great demand.

On the molecular level, diphenidine acts as an antagonist of the NMDA receptors, while it is believed by some authors to be show moderate affinity for the dopamine transporters, as well. With a piperidine ring attached to the phenetylamine skeleton, the substance bears structural resemblance to another popular research material, methoxphenidine. Diphenidine is expected to have a similar type of dissociative pharmacological profile, although exact values for various variables need to be certified. Physically, the substance has the appearance of a crystal and its average sample purity is over 98%.

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