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Methoxphenidine is the complete chemical name: ± 1- [1- (2-methoxyphenyl) -2-phenylethyl] piperidine is an analogue of ketamine. Symptoms of toxicity when using Methoxphenidine. It is also an anesthetic like ketamine, with abuse of severe dizziness, tachycardia, vomiting. Very carefully with the dosage!

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Methoxphenidine (MXP) Powder / 1-[1-(2-methoxyphenyl)-2-phenylethyl]piperidine – is a new in-vitro NMDA antagonist, and is easily approachable to mainstream researchers and is in stock now.

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Methoxphenidine (MXP) aka 1-(1-(2-methoxyphenyl)-2-phenylethyl)piperidine aka 2-MeO-Diphenidine acts on the dopamine transport as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor and as a selective NMDA receptor antagonist, comparable to other NMDA antagonists, such as Methoxetamine and 4-Meo-PCP. Our Methoxphenidine is certified at the highest grade purity available. This compound needs to be researched with caution.

Since Methoxetamine, and 4-Meo-PCP were banned there has been a void in this area of research, although not a direct replacement of either Chemicals, Methoxphenidine should provide similar results within laboratory experiments.

Methoxphenidine is likely to be popular with Scientists and researchers who have had previous research experience with Methoxetamine.


MXP, 2-MeO-Diphenidine





Molecular weight

295.4186 g/mol




white crystalline powder


≥ 98%

Physical Effects Buy Methoxphenidine Online, Order Cheap MXP Crystal

The physical effects of MXP are most similar to that of DXM than other commonly used dissociatives.
They can be broken down into several components which progressively intensify proportional to dosage. Buy Methoxphenidine Online, Order Cheap MXP Crystal.
These are described below and generally include:

Tactile disconnection – This results in typical states of progressive physical disconnection but is far more consciously controllable than that of other dissociatives.
Pain relief
Spontaneous physical sensations – The MXP “body high” is a soft, pleasurable vibrating sensation that can be felt all over the body which progressively intensifies throughout the onset before dissipating once the peak has been reached.
Tactile suppression – This partially entirely suppresses one’s own sense of touch, creating feelings of numbness within the extremities. It is responsible for the anesthetic properties of this substance.
Motor control loss – A loss of gross and fine motor control alongside balance and coordination is prevalent within MXP and becomes especially strong at higher dosages.

Cognitive Effects Buy Methoxphenidine Online, Order Cheap MXP Crystal

The cognitive effects of MXP are often described as particularly clear-headed in comparison to other dissociatives even at heavy cheap Methoxphenidine MXP online with overnight delivery
It is far more controllable, less disorientating, and confusing at dosages of equal subjective intensity to that of MXE, DXM, and ketamine. buy cheap Methoxphenidine MXP online with overnight delivery order
The cognitive effects of MXP can be broken down into several separate subcomponents which are listed and described below:

Dream potentiation
Consciousness disconnection
Thought acceleration
Thought deceleration
Increased music appreciation
Analysis suppression