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MXiPr (3-MeO-2′-oxo-PCPr)

MXiPr hydrochloride or 3-MeO-2′-oxo-PCPr is a new arylcyclohexylamine drug with dissociative properties. The unique formula of MXiPr makes it similar to MXE and MXPr in that it is analogous and structurally similar to phencyclidine (PCP) and causes dissociative effects similar to ketamine when taken orally. MXiPr acts as an NMDA receptor antagonist. MXiPr can cause dissociative and analgesic effects, with high dosages possible confusion and loss of vision.

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What is MXiPr
MXiPr hydrochloride is also known as 3-MeO-2’-oxo–PCPr, methoxpropamine hyloride. It’s MXP’s big brother and it’s ready to take on the research chemical community.

You can expect strong lab results and an exciting new direction for your research.

MXiPr, above all, is a chemical belonging to the arylcyclohexylamine group. An arylcyclohexylamine that consists of a cyclohexylamine module with an attached aryl moiety. The amine’s aryl group is located geminal to it. The simplest cases of aryl moiety are usually a phenyl-ring with some additional substitution. The amine is not usually primary. Tertiary cycloalkylamines like piperidino or pyrrolidino are also common N-substituents.

What are the Effects of MXiPr?
Very little known about the pharmacology of MXiPr, so it is strongly advised to use caution when conducting research with this chemical. We recommend using resources like to compare results from fellow researchers.

Some of the most commonly reported effects of MXiPr are:

Conceptual thinking
Tingling sensations
Increased sociability
Ego death
Physical and mental euphoria
Motor and speech impediment
Where to Buy MXiPr?
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This product is only for educational purposes. Achemic doesn’t sell Methoxpropamine except for scientific and educational purposes. Not for human consumption or veterinarian use. We ship internationally, even to the USA.