4C-MAR, 4-Chlorine-4-methylaminorex

4C-MAR (4-Chlorine-4-methylaminorex, 4C-4-MAR) is a new designer stimulant of the 2-amino-5-aryloxazoline class, a chain of analogs of the Aminorex drug and has a similar molecular structure. 4C-MAR is similar in action to Aminorex, but has a stronger and longer lasting effect, acts like methamphetamine, can increase endurance, induce lack of desire for sleep, increase sexual activity, euphoria and pleasure. May cause permanent addiction with long-term use, as has been studied in rodents.



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Product Description

4-Methylaminorex also called 4-MAR or 4-MAX is a stimulant drug of the 2-amino-5-aryloxazoline class. It is also known by its street names “U4Euh” (“Euphoria”) and “Ice”. 4-Methylaminorex has effects comparable to methamphetamine but with a longer duration. 4-methylaminorex can be smoked, insufflated or taken orally.

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