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3-FMA (3-Fluoromethamphetamine)

3-Fluoromethamphetamine or 3-FMA new designer drug stimulant. 3-FMA is similar in effects to 3-FEA, 2-FMA, 3-FA, 4-FMA, 4-FA and has all the similar properties.
3-FMA is a strong stimulant that gives a relatively short balance of enactogenic and stimulating effects with minimal adverse effects on the body of experimental mice. Causes a surge of strength, increases sexual desire, improves mood and causes euphoria.
In many countries is prohibited for sale.
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3-FMA, When given, 3-fluoromethamphetamine, also known as, is a new synthetic ring-substituted fluorinated amphetamine molecule that causes entactogenic and stimulant effects. is a 3-position fluorinated derivative of methamphetamine; nevertheless, it is currently thought to function more like a short-acting entactogenic stimulant. Furthermore, it is a positional isomer of 2-FMA and 4-FMA.


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Technical Information
Formal Name
1-(3-fluorophenyl)-N-methylpropan-2-amine, monohydrochloride
CAS Number
Molecular Formula
C10H14FN • HCl
Formula Weight
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A crystalline solid
(Learn about Variance in Solubility)
DMF: 20 mg/ml
DMSO: 20 mg/ml
Ethanol: 30 mg/ml
PBS (pH 7.2): 10 mg/ml
InChi Code
InChi Key

Shipping & Storage Information

Room Temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere
≥ 5 years